lists submitted by the debtor along with the petition (or shortly thereafter) showing the debtor's assets, liabilities, and other financial information (There are official forms a debtor must use.) (Glossary of Common Bankruptcy Terms)

Technically, the schedules of assets and liabilities; is also commonly used to include the statement of financial affairs. (Bernstein's Dictionary of Bankruptcy Terminology)

Lists of a debtor's assets, liabilities, income and expenses, which are required to be filed with the Bankruptcy Court (

The debtor must file the required lists of assets and liabilities to commence a bankruptcy case, collectively called the schedules. (Bankruptcy in Brief)

United Glossary of Bankruptcy Terms 2012.

Technically, the schedules of assets and liabilities; is also commonly used to include the statement of financial affairs.

US Bankruptcy 2012.

Glossary of Bankruptcy.

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